Our experienced project managers will provide advice according to your needs to develop an individual solution tailored to your company. Together, we will work out a concept that will provide maximum success.


The design and placement of the gift card are crucial for successful sales development. We support you with our many years of experience in these areas to achieve the best possible result.


After production, we can also offer you the most complete services in the field of logistics. We can support you in everything from card storage to initial loading and subsequent delivery at stores.


Blackhawk assists you in ensuring the correct technical and commercial processing of point-of-sale transactions and the functionality of the underlying technical integration.


The Blackhawk Marketing Team will be happy to assist you in the development of a marketing concept or simply in the creative implementation of advertising materials. We respond to your needs and support you where desired.


We offer our customers complete merchandising services in cooperation with our long-time partners. We cover everything, from the initial outfitting of stores to seasonal sales-increasing measures.


All transactions conducted are identifiable in our reports based on the required criteria. In addition to the total number of transactions and their amounts, you can also see details about individual transactions.


Our support also continues after going live, of course. In addition to your customer account manager, you also have the possibility of contacting our support hotline for technical questions or clarifications.