More than 30% of Swiss people still use a prepaid mobile phone. Although many customers have switched to a convenient post-paid service in recent years, the share of prepaid remains high thanks to its great flexibility and cost control. Blackhawk offers dealers the complete portfolio of mobile prepaid credit in Switzerland.


The digital age, with its mobile phones and tablets, has completely changed the way consumers interact with music, games, books, and movies. Blackhawk’s prepaid products have changed the way entertainment is paid for. We make available to retailers a complete portfolio, including domestic and international brands.


As a company, you have the opportunity to use Blackhawk to issue your own gift, employee or customer card to increase loyalty among customers and employees. As a full service provider, Blackhawk can take care of everything, from production to go-live and all downstream processes. Select the services you wish Blackhawk to provide and together we will successfully implement the project.


Gift card sales throughout Switzerland are growing annually, and gift cards are extremely popular with consumers. With a portfolio of over 50 different brands, Blackhawk can offer the right products for every distribution channel. By selling gift cards, you can reach out to new customers and increase visit frequency to your stores. Blackhawk distributes the best-known international and domestic brands from all relevant industries.


Rechargeable prepaid credit cards provide a smart and convenient way to manage money. They are ideal for teenagers, to introduce them to the world of cashless payment, and for adults who do not want or cannot receive a regular credit card.
With Paysafecard, you can pay online at web shops in a variety of fields such as games, social media & communities, music, movies and entertainment. No bank account or credit card are necessary.


We make available all-in-one incentive offers for employee motivation and customer acquisition and loyalty through our subsidiary Achievers. Our services include comprehensive target group analysis, custom incentive concepts and the complete project handling, including fulfilment. Contact us to find an individual solution for your business.