The Blackhawk Retail Network allows you to distribute your products throughout Switzerland at over 2,500 highly frequented sales locations. Blackhawk serves post offices and agencies, various gas station shops and small convenience stores. We find the right distribution channel for every brand.


Distribute your products through our extensive B2B network. It includes the largest credit card bonus programs, diverse employee incentive platforms, universal vouchers, insurance solutions and other attractive sales solutions and B2B customers. In the B2B area, digital coupons and vouchers can be used, allowing efficient and cost-effective processing.


Would you like to sell some of our products in-store or via your online platform? No problem at all. We offer both offline and online standardized sales solutions, giving you access to the entire Blackhawk product portfolio via an interface. Contact us to find the right sales solution for your field of activity.


Do you sell your own gift cards in-store, but have no online solution yet? No problem at all. The Blackhawk platform provides a seamless mobile and web experience for selling your own physical and digital gift cards. The solution includes a full range of services, including bulk purchasing, advertising possibilities, marketing tools and analytics, as well as a wide range of payment options.


Blackhawk sells various universal vouchers and proprietary products to be redeemed by the end customer with all Blackhawk partners participating in the program. The products are sold throughout Switzerland. As a brand, you have the opportunity to become part of these programs and thereby benefit from the large sales network.